Pro Wrestling Bushido Title
-Timothy Thatcher def. Bobby Hart 12-6-09 (NAW Redivivous) -First PWB Champ-
-Timothy Thatcher def. Funny Bone 3-14-10 (Destiny)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Sheik Khan Abadi 6-6-20 (Tradition)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Adam Thornstowe 7-25-10 (Pride)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Adam Thornstowe 8-22-10 (Uprising)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Adam Thornstowe 9-25-10 (Delirious)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Brian Cage 10-24-10 (Annihilation)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Christopher Daniels 12-5-10 (Last Rights)
-Timothy Thatcher def CJay Kurz and Amazing Red 2-26-11 (Lucha Rulez)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Mike Rayne 3-13-11 (Warriors Way Tournament)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Joey Ryan 6-26-11 (Bad Intentions)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Sir Samurai 11-13-11 (Hall Of Fame)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Johnny Goodtime, Jody Kristofferson, and Rik Luxury 12-4-11 (Last Rights 2011)
-Timothy Thatcher def. Drake Frost 2-26-12 (Lucha Rulez 4)

-Timothy Thatcher def. Johnny Goodtime 4-29-12 (Warriors Way Tournament)

-Timothy Thatcher def. TJ Perkins 6-24-12 (Lucha Rulez 5)

-Timothy Thatcher def. Drake Frost 8-4-12 (X-Fest)

-Timothy Thatcher def. Johnny Goodtime 8-26-12 (Warriors Rising)

Pro Wrestling Bushido Television Title
-Super Tiger def. Sheik Khan Abadi 3-14-10 (Destiny) -First T.V. Champ-
-Super Tiger def. Sir Samurai 8-22-10 (Uprising)
-Super Tiger def. Mario Banks 9-25-10 (Delirious)
-Super Tiger def. Wise Guy 10-24-10 (Annihilation)
-Rik Luxury def. Super Tiger 12-5-10 (Last Rights)
-Rik Luxury def. El Chupacabra 2-26-11 (Lucha Rulez)
-Paul London def. Rik Luxury 5-29-11 (Lucha Rulez 2)
-Rik Luxury def. Paul London 6-26-11 (Bad Intentions)
-Rik Luxury def. Virgil Flynn 2-26-12 (Lucha Rulez 4)
-El Chupacabra def. Rik Luxury 2-26-12 (Lucha Rulez 4)

-El Chupacabra def. Mike Rayne 4-29-12 (Warriors Way Tournament 2012)

-El Chupacabra def. Sir Samurai 6-24-12 (Lucha Rulez 5)

-Joey Ryan def. Brian Cage (Vacant Title) 8-26-12 (Warriors Rising)

Pro Wrestling Bushido Tag Team Titles
-Sons of Texas def. Suburban Commandos 7-25-10 (Pride) -First Time Champs.-
(Commandos win, first time PWB Tag Champs. The ref restarts match due to feet under ropes, S.O.T win)</em>
-Sons of Texas def. Uprising <Danny Torch & Virgil Flynn> 8-22-10 (Uprising)
-Suburban Commandos def. Sons of Texas 12-5-10 (Last Rights)
-Dirty Rotton Scoundrels def. Suburban Commandos 12-5-10 (Last Rights)
(S.C. beat S.O.T. in a cage and D.R.S. cashed in title opportunity)</em>
-Suburban Commandos def. Dirty Rotton Soundrels & Sons of Texas & Bobby Hart/Luster the Legend 3-13-11 (Warriors Way Tournament)
-Suburban Commandos def. Dirty Rotton Scoundrels 5-29-11 (Lucha Rulez 2)
-Suburban Commandos def. Adam Thornstowe and Matt Carlos 6-26-11 (Bad Intentions)
-Suburban Commandos def. Jesus Kruze and Chicano Flame 9-16-11 (Lucha Rulez 3)
-Suburban Commandos def. Persian Tigers 12-4-11 (Last Rights 2011)

-Bobby Hart & Rik Luxury def. Suburban Commandos 4-29-12 (Warriors Way Tournament 2012)

-Bobby Hart & Rik Luxury def. Ray Rosas & Dan Danielson, Suburban Commandos, & Jesus Kruz/Chicano Flame

-Bobby Hart & Rik Luxury def. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) 8-4-12 (X-Fest)

-Bobby Hart & Rik Luxury def. The Chico Hammers (Shoop Shellhammer & Chico Lopez) 8-26-12 (Warriors Rising)


Tournaments/Special Event winners

2011 Warriors Way Tournament- Joey Ryan

2012 Warriors Way Tournament- "Rock Legend Scum" Adam Thornstowe

X-Fest Champion- Daniel Torch def. CJay Kurz, Mikey Jay, & Virgil FLynn 8-4-12 (2012)